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Expo Technical Solutions International Ltd. (ETSIL) - came into operation in 1998 as an indigenous oil Services Company supplying top of the range products and services utilized in the oil, gas and energy market in Nigeria.

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Valve Testing Equipment

We have installed in our Port-Harcourt office... read more

PSV/PVR Test Bench

Our PSV/PVR Test Bench carries out Hydrostatic shell test...read more

Power Distribution Materials & Equipment

Transformers, Aluminum Conductor Cables - 100mm, ... read more


  • Buoys and Accessories
  • Process Compressor and Pump Control
  • Sound Emitters (Fog Signals)
  • Marine lanterns (beacons), Lamps and Photocells
  • Solar Energy Generators (Solar panels), Wind Generators and Wave Generators
  • Rechargeable Energy Cells (Batteries)
  • Electronic Safety Systems (ESS)
  • Fire, Smoke and gas Detection System
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